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The turtle, or Mikinak in Algonquin, is a common symbol for longevity and perseverance in Native cultures. The stone sculpture project at the Native Friendship Centre of Montrabout:blankeal (NFCM) reflects the importance of these qualities embodied by our youth artists. The objective for the sculpture project is to engage Aboriginal youths in Montreal in an artistic manner, to cultivate their talents, creativity, and traditional knowledge, as well as develop skills beyond their art such as commitment, respect, and responsibility. These works will be showcased in art expositions hosted by the (NFCM). Young artists’ works will be displayed alongside other artworks of elders and community members.


Our vision for this project is for it to become a self-sustaining socio-economic enterprise. Through the sale of their artwork, the youths will be rewarded for their time and effort, and the NFCM will be able to re-invest in and improve on this project. The co-operative is envisioned to be entirely managed and run by youth members of the NFCM, and to become a long-standing establishment not only in the Native community but also the city of Montreal at large.

Examples of our Sculptures

Sculpture of a bird flying

Bird in flight mounted on horizontal base
Eugene Jankwoski

Two feather sculptures. The one on the left is for sale.

Rodney Jandrew
Sculpture of an eagle's head

Eagle Head
Neill Stranger
Sculpture of a tropical fish

Tropical Fish
Keren Tang

Sculpture of a flying bird

Bird in flight
Eugene Jankowski

Sculpture of two seals, one on the other's back

Louissa Neill
Sculpture of a tropical fish

Tropical Fish
Kyrie Neill (age: 5)
Sculpture of a flying bird

Bird in flight
Eugene Jankowski
For more information or to purchase any of these pieces, please e-mail us or call us at Tel: 514-499-1854 x 2229

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