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Mikinak Youth Coop
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Projects and Services

Arts, traditional culture, and knowledge programs include:
Stone sculpture
Traditional beadwork
Dream catchers
Youth self-portraits
Musical Fridays with various guests
Theatre workshops
Community involvement:
radio programming with CKUT
volunteering with large-scale events such as Dialogue for Life (a suicide prevention conference) and Kanehsatake Powwow

Physical health programs:
Exercise at local YMCA facility
Outdoor sports activities such as hockey and basketball
Ping-pong tournaments
Spiritual and drug-awareness services:
DIANOVA breakaway retreats (a drugs, alcohol, and cannabis awareness program geared at urban youths)
sweat lodge camping trips (a traditional healing method)
healing sessions with a traditional healer
Weekly healing circles and traditional teaching workshops
Project Details

Stone sculpture workshop

Eugene Jankowski from Stanley Lewis Stone Sculpture Academy (www.jatsura.com) : Eugene has been a long-term professional stone sculpture teacher for our weekly stone sculpture workshops. He has established himself at the youth center with his teachings, and has become an important factor for the success of the stone sculpture workshops. His knowledge, commitment, and involvement will continue to contribute to the co-op extension of our current project. Our sculptures are on display at the Centre and can be previewed on our website.

Every Thursday 4-7PM, Eugene teaches stone sculpture in our sculpture studio. Please register at the office and inquire about the lessons.
Photo of Eugene helping two youth carve

A CKUT volunteer and an ITYC youth broadcasting
the CKUT logo

Community Radio CKUT
We are partnered with community radio station
CKUT (90.3FM) at McGill to broadcast Native Solidarity News program live from the Inter-tribal Youth Center every last Tuesday of the month.

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